How do I correct an invalid postcode in a Gift Aid claim?

HMRC requires a space to be included within postcodes.

What has changed?

In June 2021, we made a change within ExpensePlus to ensure:

(1) all new declarations have a space in the postcode and 

(2) that postcodes that don't have space need to be corrected before claiming. 

How to fix the issue

If you are trying to submit a Gift Aid claim, and postcode errors are being highlighted (as shown in the example below) then please click the 'send us a message' link above, let us know you have this issue, and we will insert space into all postcodes that are missing these for you. 

Please note: for all other changes (e.g. postcode or other details that have been entered incorrectly), you will need to set an end date for the current gift aid declaration and add a new declaration for that donor (except for where no Gift Aid claims have been made using the declaration, in which case you can update the details).

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