Is there a way to set when approval emails are sent?

Approval emails at 7am

If any of your budget approvers have one or more purchases to approve, then at 7am ExpensePlus will automatically email them with an approval email.

The approval email they receive shows the same level of detail as the approvals screen. It also allows budget approvers to approve purchases at the click of a button from the email, without the need to sign in to ExpensePlus.

Weekly receipt check

It is not possible to turn off approval emails or to set the days the user receives these.

However, if you check receipts for example once a week (as we recommend), then budget approvers are only likely to receive an approval email on the morning after receipts are checked.


If receipts are checked by someone in your organisation every Wednesday, approvers will receive an email at 7am on Thursdays if they have any purchases to approve.

Assuming they click the approve button in the email to approve all purchases, they won't receive another email until the following Thursday once the next batch of receipts has been checked.

Payments can then be made that day or the following day.

Exceptions when there is no receipt check

The only exception to this weekly cycle is if a mileage claim or gift request is entered as these don't require a receipt.

These go directly for approval, so the approver would get an approval email the day after such purchases were submitted.

Reducing approval emails

In summary, if you would like to avoid approvers being emailed multiple times per week and not being emailed at weekends, then:

1) consider checking receipts just once per week (which is ideal for most organisations);

2) don't check receipts on Fridays (as this will mean approval emails are sent on Saturdays);

3) ask approvers to approve purchases as soon as they receive an approval email (because they will keep getting approval emails each day until they do).

To help you better understand the Approvals module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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