How to exclude a donation when creating a Gift Aid claim

By default, when creating a Gift Aid claim in ExpensePlus, the system will include all eligible donations (click here to find out more about which donations get included).

When creating a claim, you have the following options for excluding / removing donations that you don't wish to form part of the claim:

  • Claim up to a particular date (allowing for donations after this date to be included in a future claim) - simply select the radial for this and select a date
  • Exclude a donation from the claim (allowing for it to be included in future claims) - simply uncheck the checkbox to the left of the screen
  • Permanently exclude a donation (this won't then appear in this or any future claims) - click the 'x' button to the right of the screen (typically where the donor has a valid Gift Aid declaration, but they have informed you they don't pay sufficient tax to claim on a particular donation e.g. a large gift)


What if a donor can no longer claim Gift Aid?

If the reason you are wanting to exclude donations(s) is because the donor can no longer claim Gift Aid, then you should do this by going to the manage donor screen, selecting the 'Gift Aid Declaration' view, selecting the donor, then setting an end date for the donor's active Gift Aid declaration(s) based on the date up until the donor can claim Gift Aid (typically the end of a tax year).

What if donations are appearing where these have already been claimed outside of ExpensePlus?

ExpensePlus automatically knows to exclude donations collected via payment processors such as Stewardship, Parish Giving Scheme, GiveALittle, CAF, etc. who claim Gift Aid on your behalf. If any such donations are appearing in the Gift Aid Claim screen, this means the 'donation method' for those donations has been set incorrectly and needs to be updated. 

To update the donation method of a donation, you will need to find it and update it (don't forget to update the memorised transactions too, if there is one).

What if donations are appearing where the fund is not eligible for Gift Aid?

ExpensePlus automatically excludes donations that have been allocated to a fund where the Gift Aid status of that fund has been set to 'not eligible'. If such donations are appearing in the Gift Aid screen, then they have either been allocated to the wrong fund OR the fund has the wrong Gift Aid Status.

To update the Gift Aid Status of a fund, go to 'Settings' -> 'Fund Settings' then click on the fund you wish to update.

What if I wrongly permanently exclude a donation?

If you make a mistake and wrongly permanently exclude a donation as being eligible for Gift Aid, you can correct this by going back to the Gift Aid home screen and select 'View Manually Excluded Donations' at the top of the screen.

Then select the 'update' button to the right of the donation you wish to stop excluding, and in the confirmation popup that appears, select 'confirm'.

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