Receipts Module Overview

Once a purchase has been entered, it will appear within the Receipts screen so that the receipt (or invoice) can be checked (note: Gift requests and travel claims don’t require receipts so skip this stage).

For most organisations, receipt checking is usually done weekly, by a member of the admin or finance team. It’s quick to do, and because receipts are digital, it can even be done remotely! For any receipts that need to be rejected, an automated email is sent to the submitter.

This screen keeps track of all purchases with outstanding receipts, and gives the person checking the receipt the ability to send receipt reminders at the click of a button! There is also a process for authorising (or rejecting) purchases where the receipt has been lost.

Access to this screen is set via the ‘role’ each user is assigned. Only Finance Team users are able to view and authorise lost receipts.

Watch this short video to learn more about the Receipts Module:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does receipt checking work?
  2. What is the process for lost receipts?
  3. Does the physical receipt need to be kept once it is in ExpensePlus?

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