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Services Offered

Stewardship specialises in offering Accounts Examination for churches and Christian charities. In addition to performing independent examinations, Stewardship can prepare accounts for organisations.

Stewardship provides a personalised service, and they have an excellent reputation among churches and Christian charities. They provide advice and support, and they have a brilliant Blog which covers finance and governance topics.

Stewardship also offers other services including helping churches and Christian charities get set up and registered, providing outsourced payroll services, and hosting an online giving platform –

ExpensePlus Verified

ExpensePlus has a really good relationship with Mary and Lourens from the Independent Examination Team at Stewardship.

If your Church or Charity is looking for an Independent Examiner or is exploring outsourcing payroll, then we highly recommend Stewardship.

ExpensePlus gets no financial benefit or incentive for recommending Stewardship - we do so because many ExpensePlus churches and charities use Stewardship, and highly rate the services that they offer.

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