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Pete Marfleet has worked in the charity sector as a finance officer for almost a decade, gaining extensive experience in fund accounting as a result. He has served on the leadership team of a church for over 8 years, so understands the unique challenges of managing medium-sized charity accounts, often with only a small or a volunteer team.

Services Offered

As a verified ExpensePlus consultant and bookkeeper, Pete offers a range of cost-effective services, from outsourced bookkeeping to streamlining your accounting systems, and from ExpensePlus training for your finance teams to project managing the migration of your current accounting systems to ExpensePlus.

ExpensePlus Verified

With his experience and as a long-term ExpensePlus user, Pete is committed to helping other charities manage their finances in a cost-effective way. Let Pete assist you in taking care of your finances efficiently and accurately, so your team can focus on delivering the primary aims of your church or charity.

If your Church or Charity is looking to outsource bookkeeping or support and training to manage your organisation's finances, then we highly recommend Pete at PD Marfleet Accounting.

ExpensePlus gets no financial benefit or incentive for recommending PD Marfleet Accounting - we do so because ExpensePlus churches and charities use PD Marfleet Accounting, and highly rate the services that they offer.

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