Client Portal Overview

The ExpensePlus Client Portal provides a streamlined way for verified Independent Examiners and External Bookkeepers to access their client's ExpensePlus accounts.

Features include:

  • One Click Access - simple access to the client ExpensePlus account directly from your portal screen
  • Add Your Team - add users, manage their client access, and set MFA requirements for your team
  • Efficiently Manage Tasks - free access to our inbuilt task management tool where you can set up, track, and manage recurring and one-off tasks
  • Accept New Clients - streamlined process flow for accepting new clients

Verified Independent Examiners and External Bookkeepers are visible to all churches and charities that use ExpensePlus - so becoming verified is a great way to gain more clients!

How can I register as a verified Independent Examiner or External Bookkeeper?

For more details on the verification process, please contact

Note: to apply to become an ExpensePlus verified Independent Examiner or bookkeeper, your agency must provide independent examination services and/or external bookkeeping services for at least 10 churches and charities that are already subscribed to ExpensePlus.

Access your client portal screen

Once your company has been verified, the user who registered will be sent a welcome email, with a link to set up a password. They will then be able to sign in to ExpensePlus and access the client portal screen for your agency.

Adding Team members

To add other members of your team, click the 'Manage Team' option in the top right corner of the screen.

Within the 'Manage Team' screen, click 'Add New' and enter the user's details.

Note: if you give a user 'Administrator' user access they will be able to access the 'Manage Team' screen and add/edit users, as well update their own client access. Typically, most users just need 'Basic' access.

Multi-Factor Authentication Settings

To set the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) requirement for all your team, just click the 'MFA settings' option. If you set this to 'Required' users will be required to set up MFA when they sign into ExpensePlus.

Note: we recommend you set MFA to required to protect your clients' data.

Onboarding New Clients

In order for a client to appear within your portal, they will first need to add you permission for you to access their organisation. This separate help guide article explains the onboarding process flow.

Accessing a client's account

If an organisation has added you as their independent examiner or external bookkeeper AND you have user access to view that client, then they will display on your portal screen. You can simply click on that client to access their ExpensePlus system.

If the client you are looking for doesn't display on your portal screen:

  1. Speak to a member of your team with 'Administrator' access to get them to check your user access (see the section below).
  2. If the client isn't appearing for any members of your team, then speak to the client and ask them to add/re-add you as their independent examiner / bookkeeper within their system settings screen.

Note: if you have been assigned as the 'Independent Examiner' for an organisation, your access will be 'View only'. You won't be able to make any updates or changes to the client's data.

Updating User Access

To edit access for someone in your team, within your portal view go to 'Manage Team'.

Then click the 'User Access' tab at the top of the screen.

Managing Finance Tasks

So that you can efficiently manage tasks, we've created a free, easy-to-use task management tool inside the client portal. Tasks can be assigned to different team members and it's easy to create template task sets to generate tasks for the coming month, each project or workflow you are working on.

Each team member can see which tasks they need to complete that week, as well as any overdue tasks directly from the main screen in the portal, and can click to see task details.

To find out more about using the task management tool within the agency portal, click here.

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