How to subscribe to ExpensePlus

This help guide article covers the practical steps of how to subscribe to ExpensePlus. We have two other help guide articles that cover:

How to subscribe to ExpensePlus

To subscribe to ExpensePlus, click on the 'Subscribe' link at the top of the flow dashboard screen in ExpensePlus, or click the sidebar menu icon (top left), then select 'Settings' (at the bottom), then Subscription and Billing.

You can switch between the two payment methods at any time e.g. you can subscribe by debit/credit card for the first month whilst you get the direct debit set up.

Subscribing by Direct Debit

If you select the direct debit subscription option, please be sure to:

1) Select the 'click here to use company name' option (as shown below);

2) Enter your charity's name in the 'company name' field, and enter your email address and billing address. Then click 'continue';

3) Next, enter your bank details and click 'continue';

4) Uncheck the 'I can authorise direct debits on this account myself' (unless you only need one signatory, for example to sign cheques), and click 'setup direct debit';

Note: if only one bank signatory is required, this is the final step. If two signatories are required (typically this is the case), then continue to step 5.

5) Print the mandate from the link on the screen (see below);

6) Get two bank signatories to sign inside the same signatories box on the printed mandate (as shown below);

Note: within the GoCardless email, when GoCardless say 'You will need all signatories to sign a paper version of the Direct Debit mandate and upload it' they are referring to 'all signatories required' (typically two), not 'all bank signatories'. You DON'T need every bank signatory to sign the mandate form.

7) Scan or photograph the printed mandate and upload it using the link provided by GoCardless (see below);

Note: GoCardless will email you the link to upload the completed mandate form. The email from GoCardless will go to the email address entered in Step 2. If it does not appear, check your junk folder.

Important: Please do not send us your mandate form, as we are unable to upload this.

If you have any questions, please get in touch at

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