On the ChurchSuite Export, why is the override flag being set to 1 for some donations?

ChurchSuite uses the override flag in the export file to determine whether or not a donation is eligible for Gift Aid within ChurchSuite IF the donor this donation is assigned to has a valid Gift Aid declaration for the donation.

The Gift Aid override flag is set to 1 tells ChurchSuite that a donation is NOT eligible for Gift Aid even if the donor has a valid Gift Aid declaration.

ExpensePlus automatically set the Gift Aid override to 1 where:

(1) the fund has been selected as 'not eligible for Gift Aid within ExpensePlus (it's a good idea to do this where Gift Aid isn't eligible to be claimed on donations e.g. a collection for a staff member leaving, or an offering where the money is being passed on).


(2) the donation has been given via a donation method where Gift Aid will have already been claimed if the donor could Gift Aid it (and therefore ChurchSuite shouldn't Gift Aid it, as it would result in a duplicate claim for the same donations). This happens where the donation method of a donation is set to:

  • Parish Giving Scheme
  • Stewardship
  • CAF Donate
  • CAF Payroll Giving
  • Charities Trust
  • Charitable Giving
  • Give a Little

Note: donations given via ChurchSuite are automatically excluded from the export, as ChurchSuite already has the information for these donations.

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