How do I export donation details to ChurchSuite

ChurchSuite Export Setup

Before you export to ChurchSuite:

(1) you may need to set up a ChurchSuite export name for some of your income categories (the Export to ChurchSuite screen within ExpensePlus will notify you of any categories you need to do this for). The ChurchSuite export names should match the categories you have set up within ChurchSuite.

For example: within ChurchSuite you may have two fund or category names such as 'General' and 'Building Fund'. Any donation categories within ExpensePlus will need to be assigned a ChurchSuite export name that is one of these two names, to maintain the continuity of the data. This is managed in the Income and Expenditure Categories screen.

(2) you may need to set up additional donation methods in ChurchSuite (as ChurchSuite doesn't come with as many donation methods as ExpensePlus has - however you can add more). Within the ChurchSuite Giving module, click on the cog symbol and add the following donation methods: 

  • Stewardship
  • CAF
  • Impact Vouchers
  • Charities Trust 
  • GAYE
  • Parish Giving Scheme
  • Virgin Giving
  • GIVT

Exporting Transactions

Once you have finished bank matching donations in ExpensePlus, you can export transactions from the 'Export to ChurchSuite' screen within ExpensePlus. View the module overview video for more details.

By importing this export file into ChurchSuite:

  • You ensure that the donation data in ChurchSuite is always consistent and matches with the donation information in ExpensePlus
  • All income transactions that are not donations (e.g. supplier refunds, non-donation income, etc.) get automatically stripped out for you
  • Donations originating from ChurchSuite are not included in the export as they will already be in ChurchSuite (to avoid donation duplication in ChurchSuite)
  • Donations that have already had Gift Aid claimed on them (e.g. those given through Stewardship or CAF) are included in the export, but marked so that ChurchSuite knows to exclude them from any Gift Aid claims (to avoid the risk of double claiming), whilst ensuring your donor records in ChurchSuite are full and accurate.
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