How do I find a purchase that isn't showing on my purchase screen?

By default, the Purchases screen shows 'active' purchases in the table.

'Active' purchases are those with at least one of the following stages still to complete:

  1. Receipt check
  2. Approval
  3. Payment

Top Tip: Hover over the status icons to the right of the purchases displayed to view the purchase status along with more details.

How to view 'all purchases'

Users can change the view from 'Active' to 'All' purchases by clicking the radial at the top of the 'view purchases' section (as shown below).

A drop-down list will appear allowing the user to select the year. Additionally, the search field allows users to search for purchases. Users can also hover over the icons on the right-hand side to see the status of these purchases (receipt check, approval, payment).

Note: only users with the role of 'finance user' have access to the 'select user' drop-down.

Finance team users along with other users who have permission to view the search all purchases option, will also be able to search for purchases using this more powerful feature that provides many additional ways to search for purchases and create reports.

For more detailed information on how to search for purchases, read this help guide article.

To help you better understand the Purchasing module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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