Can I edit / delete a purchase that has been submitted?

A purchase entered into ExpensePlus can be edited or deleted by the user who submitted it up until its receipt has been checked.

For purchases that don't require a receipt, these can be edited or deleted up until the purchase has been approved.

Note: Users with the role of 'Finance Team' can still edit/delete purchases after this, although they:

  • can't change payee/supplier name if the purchase has been marked as paid (the purchase first needs to be unmatched, and unmarked as paid to do this);
  • can't change the amount or delete a purchase if it has been matched (the purchase first needs to be unmatched).

You can check the status of the purchase by hovering over the symbols in the right-hand column of the table at the bottom of the Purchases screen.

Editing a purchase

To edit an expense, click anywhere on the expense (see below):

You can update all elements of the expense at this point, including supplier, payee, date, expenditure category, and amount.

Note: The purchase type cannot be changed. So if you have entered a purchase as an Expense Claim and it should have been entered as a Business Card Purchase, you will need to delete it, and then re-enter it using the correct purchase option.

Adding a Receipt

To upload a receipt, either click on the expense to edit it or click the 'upload' button  to the right of the expense (see below):

You can replace a receipt from within the edit purchase screen. However, only users with the role of Finance Team will be able to do so if the receipt has already been checked.

Note: it is not possible to email in a substitute receipt, our system will reject it to ensure that receipts cannot be maliciously replaced.

Deleting a purchase

To delete an expense, either:

  • Click the 'delete' button (dustbin symbol) to the right of the expense (see below):

  • OR within the purchase details screen, click the delete icon in the bottom left (see below).

If this is greyed out, hover over it to find out why it can't be deleted.

If this is greyed out, hover over it to find out why it can't be deleted.

Why can't I delete my purchase?

If you are not a Finance Team user, you can only delete your purchase up until the point of receipt check. There is more information on this in this help guide article.

Finance Team users can delete some purchase, but not those which have been bank matched to a payment.

To help you better understand the Purchasing module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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