Can I export data from ExpensePlus?

Yes, ExpensePlus allows you to export data as a CSV file (compatible with spreadsheet programmes such as Excel), or as PDF reports.

You can export the following data using the Download PDF or Download CSV buttons found at the bottom of the corresponding pages:

  • Finance Reports
  • Donation Reports including Gift Aid
  • Bank Statements
  • Table of Payments (payments ledger)
  • Invoices by Customer (Customer Statements) or Outstanding Invoices
  • Investments
  • Fixed Assets register
  • Donation data to ChurchSuite (as part of ChurchSuite export function)

The All Transactions reports and Trial Balance report provide a comprehensive overview of data that can be exported from the system.

Despite ExpensePlus providing this functionality to export, there is very little need to do so. ExpensePlus is designed so you can view, analyse and scrutinise your finances within the system.

If you feel you have a significant need to export your data outside the system, please email us at as we may be able to advise an alternative method to reach your desired outcome.

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