Does the physical receipt need to be kept once it is in ExpensePlus?

If you have photographed your receipt and uploaded this to ExpensePlus, then once the receipt has been checked, there is no need to retain the physical receipt (except if you are likely to need this for returning the goods you have purchased). The receipt will remain stored and backed up on the ExpensePlus servers. This will ensure that the receipt remains easily searchable and accessible to you throughout the accounting requirement to retain a complete 7 years of financial history prior to your current financial year. 

In the Purchases screen, you can view the receipt status by hovering over the receipt icon. This should show as 'checked'. If it's still showing as 'awaiting check' then you should retain your receipt until the status has been updated.

To help you better understand the Receipts module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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