How do I add a category?

Income and expenditure categories are added via the Category Settings screen (which you will find within Settings).

At the top of the screen, select the fund to which you want to add the category and the financial year if applicable.

Then use the 'Add Category' button at the top of the 'Income' or 'Expenditure' sections, or click the '+' button to the right of the category group to which you want to add the category.


  • Categories can only be added in the level below category groups so if you don't have any category groups, you will need to add one first.
  • Transactions can only be allocated to categories. Category groups without categories won't display when assigning transactions to categories.

Top tip: Remember the reports in ExpensePlus are drillable, with access customisable per user per category. This allows you full control of who can see what and whether they can drill in to see more detailed information. Usually, churches and charities find they can have a simple category structure with few categories, keeping it simple for everyone in the team.

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