Why can't I delete a bank account?

On the Bank, Card and Petty Cash settings screen, if the option to delete a bank account is greyed-out, then the following may apply:

  • Either you have uploaded transactions for this bank account (in which case you can't delete it)
  • OR this bank account is set as a default payment account or has payments associated with it (see below)

Possible issues

(1) The bank account is set as your overall system default payment account - to update this, click the 'Set Default Payment Settings' button at the top of the screen to change the default payment bank account to another bank account. 

(2) The bank account is set as your default payment account for one or more individual funds - to update this, click go to the Fund Settings screen, click on each fund in turn, and in the popup that appears check that the default bank account isn't set as this bank account.

(3) The bank account is set as the payment account for customer invoices - to update this, go to the Invoice & Logos Settings screen, and check that none of the invoice profiles that have been created is linked to the bank account you are trying to delete.

(4) You have payments that are associated with this bank account - to check this, go to Bank Reconciliation screen, click on 'Match Transactions' for the account in question, and if there are any transactions displayed in the right-hand table, click the edit button to the right of these and update the bank account to the correct account. Note: if you have dual payment authorisation switched on, also check there are no payments in the bottom table on the payments screen that might be associate to the bank account you are trying to delete. If there are, mark them as authorise, then update them in the Match Transactions screen as described.

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