We've stopped using a petty cash tin, can I delete this feature?

You can turn off access to petty cash for specific user roles, or for specific petty cash accounts. View this help guide article for more details about petty cash access.

If a petty cash account has a zero balance, you can 'close it', in the same way that you would for other types of bank accounts. Find out more here about deleting bank accounts.

You can't delete an account with transactions associated with it as it is an important part of your financial audit trail. However closing it, where applicable, will stop it from being used in the future.

Top tip: hover over a greyed-out 'cross' or 'bin' icon to the right of the account to find out why you can't close or delete an account.

Finance team users will always be able to access the Petty Cash screen. Once all the Petty Cash accounts have been closed, they will display as closed in the drop-down list on the Petty Cash screen. The buttons to record income or expenditure will disappear.

To help you better understand the Petty Cash module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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