How do I allocate donation Income within ExpensePlus?

Typically, most donations are auto-matched as part of the efficient bank reconciliation process in ExpensePlus. Simply upload your bank statement each month, and click the Quick Match button at the top. ExpensePlus uses the bank statement reference to recognise and correctly allocate donations regardless of whether the amount given changes or the frequency varies.

Click here to find out more about quick matching and memorised transactions.

ExpensePlus can remember multiple bank statement references per donor, for where donors give with different references for different purposes. 
It can also cope with banks that add a unique reference or date/time stamp to bank statement transaction descriptions.
Should you wish to exclude an auto-allocation suggestion or if you wish to edit or forget a memorised transaction, it is quick and easy to do so.

New Donations

For any new donations that are not auto-matched, you can record these by simply clicking on the transaction, selecting the income type as ‘Donation Received’, then select or add the donor, select the appropriate fund and category, and ExpensePlus will auto-allocate this and any future donations given with this bank statement reference.

Split Donations

For any income transactions that need to be split between multiple funds/categories, you can do this by clicking on the transaction and selecting the income type as ‘Mixed Income’.

Cash & Cheques

For cash and cheque donations that are deposited into your bank, click on the transaction and select income type as 'Bank Deposit'. As well as recording Named Donations, ExpensePlus also has a section for recording donations that are eligible for the Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme (GASDS).

Should you wish to, cash and cheque deposits can also be recorded via the Bank Deposit screen by whoever counted the money; removing the need for a separate paper record and making reconciliation even quicker.

Where cash donations are added to a petty cash account rather than banked, these can be recorded via the petty cash screen in ExpensePlus.

Money collected on your behalf

Where money is collected on your behalf for example via Stripe, GoCardless, Stewardship or Zettle you can also reconcile payouts from these providers using the ‘Mixed Income’ option.

Alternatively, ExpensePlus enables you to add these providers as payment processors, so that you can efficiently upload and reconcile donations - click here to find out more.

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