Configuring default payment settings

Default payment settings specify which account is used for which type of payment method, as well as which account is used for transactions from specific funds.

Purchase Type

Within the Bank, Card & Petty Cash Accounts settings screen click the 'Default Payment Settings' button at the top of the screen to change the default payment bank account for the different purchase types of 'business card', 'bank transfer' and 'cheque':

By Fund

You can specify a bank account to be used as your default payment account for each of your funds. To update this you will first need to change the setting for 'cross fund payment grouping' within the 'Payment' section of the System Settings screen to 'prevent' (rather than 'allow').

Then, go to the Fund Settings screen, click on each fund in turn, and in the popup that appears choose a bank account to be the default.

Note: The default specified within the Fund settings overrides the system-wide default for purchase type.

When Invoicing

You can also specify which bank account is set as the payment account for each of your customer invoicing templates. To update this, go to the Invoice Settings, and choose the default account.

To help you better understand the Payments module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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