How do I match an invoice that has been part paid by a customer?

Within the match transactions screen, when the incoming amount paid by a customer is the same as the outstanding invoice amount, the incoming transaction will auto-match as shown below.

Note: if you are not seeing invoices in the right-hand table, then either your payment bank account is wrongly set within the invoice template you are using OR invoices have been disabled from appearing on the right-hand table of the match transactions screen.

How to allocate a part payment

When the amount the customer has paid is not the same as the amount outstanding (i.e. only a part payment has been received), or the payment has been paid in multiple transactions, you need to select the bank transaction on the left-hand side of the match transactions screen and click the '+' button.

If you account on an accruals basis

In the popup that appears, select 'Invoice Payment'. Below the table of invoices, click 'Switch to Part Allocation'.

Then allocate the payment to the corresponding invoice(s) and then click 'confirm'.

NOTE: if the amount paid includes more than just invoice payments against the invoices shown, you should instead change the transaction type in the popup from 'Invoice Payment' to 'Mixed Income' for a wider range of options for recording income.

If you create accounts on an accruals basis, then you will always be able to allocate an invoice payment, as long as the date of the invoice is before the date the payment is received. If the payment date is before the invoice date, and the invoice is greyed out, then you will first need to update the invoice date.

If you account on a receipts and payments basis

If your organisation creates accounts on a receipts and payments basis, when the amount paid towards an invoice doesn't match the amount outstanding, you will need to first split the income allocation of the invoice to match the payments that have been received.

Example for organisations on a receipts and payments accounting basis

You have issued a £100 invoice, but only a £50 payment has been received.

  1. Click on the invoice, and split the income allocation by clicking the button shown:

  1. In the income allocation screen ensure that the total of a row (or the amount of multiple rows combined) matches the payments received into your bank account (in this case £50).

  1. You will then be able to allocate the invoice payment within the match transactions screen:

Select the transaction on the left-hand table and click the + button.

  1. In the popup that appears, select 'Invoice Payment', then at the bottom of the popup, click 'Switch to Part Allocation'

  1. Allocate the payment to the corresponding invoice (now that the amount received matches the amount of one of the income allocation elements of the invoice).

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