What happens when I create an invoice?

When an invoice is created

  1. You will be able to email the invoice directly to the customer (or if you want to post the invoice - select the download option to print it).
  2. The 'Outstanding' view within the invoicing module will update to show this new invoice, and the total outstanding will increase accordingly (the 'by customer' and 'all' views will also show the invoice that has been created).
  3. The invoice will appear on the match transactions screen within the bank reconciliation screen, enabling the person reconciling bank transactions to reconcile the incoming amount to the invoice when it appears within the uploaded bank transactions.

Note: the invoice will only appear on the right-hand table of the match transactions screen for the bank account selected as a payment account within the invoice template if:

  • there is still an amount outstanding (it won't appear if it has been fully paid and reconciled);
  • and if the setting for invoices to appear on the right-hand table is set to enabled within the 'bank reconciliation section of the system settings screen.


If you create accounts on an accruals basis AND you have auto-accruals enabled, an 'Accounts receivable' transaction is created automatically for the money you are owed, and your balance sheet total for accounts receivable will also update to show an increased outstanding total.

To help you better understand the invoicing module as a whole, please  visit the module overview page here .
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