Can I replace a receipt that has been uploaded?

Yes, an uploaded receipt can be replaced. 

  • If the receipt is yet to be checked, the User who submitted it, or a Finance User, can simply go to the purchase and attach a new file. This file will override the original file that was uploaded/emailed. 
  • If the receipt has already been checked, only a user with the role of Finance Team will be able to replace the uploaded receipt, for reasons of security and accountability, which they can do as described above. Receipts that are replaced will go back through the receipt check process (but they won't require re-approval unless the budget details have changed).

Note: when replacing a receipt, new receipts can't be emailed or handed in, they can only be replaced by being uploaded or photographed. This is to prevent receipts from being overridden.

To help you better understand the Receipts module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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