Can I submit an expense claim without a receipt attached?

The following purchase types require a receipt and will ask you for one at the point of creation:

  • Expense Claim
  • Business Card Purchase
  • Invoice to Pay

If you attempt to submit the expense without a receipt, the pop-up window below will appear.

In addition, receipts can also be provided for the following purchase types:

  • Gift Requests (optional)
  • Direct Debits (typically optional, but this can be changed to 'required' within the system settings).

Receipts are not needed for other purchase types.

Providing Receipts

There are several different ways to provide receipts:

Upload receipt now

Select 'Upload receipt now' if you have a copy of the receipt or invoice to hand and wish to upload/photograph it.

If you are on a computer, you will be able to select the .pdf or picture of the receipt/invoice from where it is already saved on your device.

If you are using a phone or tablet that has a camera, you will be able to photograph the receipt/invoice.

Upload receipt later

Select 'Upload receipt later' to submit the purchase without a receipt.

The system will note this as 'receipt pending' and you can upload the receipt later using the button to the right of the purchase on your purchase screen.

Note: Within the receipt's module, ExpensePlus keeps track of all outstanding receipts, and a member of the finance team can send out automatic reminders for purchases without a receipt.

Email receipt

If you select 'Email receipt', the system will provide you with an email address and a reference number which should be inserted in the email subject field.

Either attach the receipt to the email, or if the email is the receipt itself, you can directly forward it using these instructions.

ExpensePlus will automatically upload the receipt for you.

Important: This process is automated and will fail if the EXACT unique code ExpensePlus provides isn't used. A 'copy' button is provided so you can copy and paste the unique code into the subject line of your email to avoid issues - click here to find out more.

Lost receipt

If you select 'Lost receipt', a Finance Team user will need to approve this request for you. This help guide article explains more about the process for lost receipts.

Top Tip: If your organisation is a registered charity, there is a requirement for you to keep proper financial records, which includes ensuring receipts are kept. If you don't already have a purchasing policy, we'd recommend you consider creating one and as part of this provide clarity for those submitting purchases as to what is needed with regards to keeping receipts. Click here to find out more and to download a free template purchasing policy which you can then adapt.

To help you better understand the Purchases module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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