How do I email in a receipt?

If, when submitting a Purchase, you select the option to email in a receipt, you will be provided with the necessary instructions to follow:

Note: To email a receipt for a purchase already entered, you can get to the above popups by clicking the 'upload' button to the right of the purchase in the purchase screen OR by clicking on the purchase and clicking the 'submit' button.

Emailed receipts are automatically uploaded and can take up to 5 minutes to appear. If the receipt contains a file attachment, ExpensePlus will take that to be the receipt and will upload it. If there is no file attached, then ExpensePlus will turn the email itself into the receipt. 

You must make sure that the Subject line of the email matches the code exactly. To make sure this is done properly you can simply click the 'copy' button and then paste it into the subject line of the email. If the subject line doesn't match the code exactly then the receipt will be rejected. 

To find out more about why your receipt might be rejected and how to avoid this from happening read this help guide article.

To help you better understand the Receipts module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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