What to do if my receipt file size is too large?

The file size of receipts uploaded into ExpensePlus must be no greater than 7mb. Receipts larger than this will fail and the user will get a popup notification to this effect.

Typically, the file size of photos on most phones is under 7mb, but if a phone is set to the highest resolution, it's possible that the file size may be too large. Note: Where receipts originate in digital form, or get generated from emails, or are scanned in, they are highly unlikely to be too large.

There are three options if photographed receipts are too large:

  1. reduce the resolution/file size of the images of the camera/phone;
  2. take a photo from slightly further away from the receipts, then crop the image (on the phone screen) before uploading - thus cutting down the picture size and therefore the file size, or;
  3. transfer the photo to your computer, and then resize manually through a photo editor, or by purely capturing a screenshot of the photo.

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