Why has my emailed receipt been rejected?

If, when submitting a Purchase, you select the option to email in a receipt, you will be provided with the necessary instructions to follow:

Emailed receipts are automatically uploaded and can take up to 5 minutes to appear. If the receipt contains a file attachment ExpensePlus will take that to be the receipt and will upload it. If there is no file attached, then ExpensePlus will turn the email itself into the receipt. 

Should your emailed receipt be rejected, you will be emailed like the one below with the subject line that contains the word 'Rejected' to let you know there has been an issue.

Note: If you received an email that doesn't look the same as the one above but instead has the subject line that contains the words 'Invalid Receipt', click here to view the support article. This article writes specifically about receipts that have been rejected by someone within your organisation because they are either incorrect, unreadable or doesn't provide the necessary details.

Here are some of the most common reasons why receipts are rejected:
  1. Incorrect Subject Line - this is the most common reason why receipts are rejected. The subject line of the email you send must EXACTLY match the unique code you were given. We highly recommend that you use the 'copy' button just beside this code to avoid this issue. If you are forwarding an email, you need to make sure that you FULLY delete the existing subject line of the email before pasting in the code given. If you don't fully delete the subject line, or you add additional characters to the code we gave you, your emailed receipts will be rejected. The most common issue is that some users try and type the code into the subject line rather than copying and pasting it - even if one character is incorrect, or changed from being lowercase to uppercase, the emailed receipt will fail.
  2. Receipt already exists - if you have already emailed or uploaded a receipt of your purchase, then it will be rejected. For security, and to prevent receipts being overwritten, you can't replace receipts via the email option. You can only do this from within ExpensePlus, once you've signed in (and only then if the previously provided receipt has either not yet been checked, or you have sufficient permissions to replace it anyway).
  3. Incorrect file type - if your email contains an attachment, then it must either be a .pdf or a picture file (.jpg, .jpeg or .png). If the file is zipped, or a .doc (word document), then you will need to unzip/resave the file with the correct file type (in which case you may choose to upload it directly into ExpensePlus).
  4. Embedded content - if your email doesn't contain an attachment, we will try to use the email itself to be the receipt. This is 99% successful but occasionally can fail. If this is the case, this may be because you are not enabling the content of the email you forward to us to be displayed. Where our automated system is unable to automatically upload your receipt, you will instead need to 'print' the email, changing the printer selected from an actual printer to the 'print to pdf' option. This will create a .pdf that can then be uploaded within ExpensePlus.

If your emailed receipt is not rejected but uploads not as expected, then the most common reasons for this are:

  • Multiple Attachments - if the email you send has multiple attachments, ExpensePlus will use the first of these to be the receipt.
  • Hidden File - if the email contains hidden files or blank images, then this is usually easy to spot as the receipt will appear blank.
  • File size too small - ExpensePlus ignores very small file sizes from email attachments as these usually are email footer images.

To help you better understand the Receipts module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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