When an expense is submitted, why is a notification email not sent to check the receipt?

When someone submits an expense request and provides a receipt, it will appear in the receipts to check screen. Both the Receipts screen and the financial flow dashboard keep track of the number of receipts to check or authorise as lost.

Most organisations check receipts weekly which is what we recommend (or you could check receipts more frequently if you prefer).

We don't recommend that you check receipts every day or that you do so every time someone submits a purchase, as logging in for each purchase would be very distracting and not an efficient use of time. This is why we don't send notification emails to the receipt check - it's better they check all receipts ready to be checked at the time(s) each week they have assigned to do this.

Using ExpensePlus in this way makes processing finances efficient whilst still ensuring people get paid back in a timely way. If you check receipts, for example, every Wednesday and make payments every Friday, then this means the maximum time anyone will ever wait to get paid would be 7 days (and only if they happened to submit a purchase directly after you had checked receipts the previous week). This is a reasonable amount of time for someone to wait, and if you've ever claimed an expense from a company, it would generally be 10 days + before it was repaid. This said, if you want to shorten the timeline, you could check receipts twice per week thus halving the maximum 7 days wait for payment.

Note: approval notification emails are sent out at 7am the morning after receipts are checked. One combined approval notification email is sent to each budget holder who has anything to approve.

To help you better understand the Receipts module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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