I can't find a payment on the Payments screen, why?

Purchases only arrive on the Payments screen when:

  • They have had their receipt checked;
  • They have been approved;
  • Are a type of purchase that requires payment to be actioned. Business Card purchases and Direct Debits will not appear since no manual payment is required.

If you believe that the payment you're trying to find should be on the Payment screen, first check the status of the payment.

You can see the status on the Purchases screen - select the user who submitted it from the dropdown list or search all purchases. You will need to be a Finance Team user to do this.

  • If the Purchase is shown as Payment made, you will now find it on the Bank Reconciliation screen in the relevant bank account, either waiting to be matched or already matched to a statement transaction, 
  • If the Purchase has had its receipt checked, and the transaction has been approved, but it has not been paid, you should find it on the Payment screen. Return to the screen to check whether it is in the upper 'Payments to Make' table, or the lower 'Pending Authorisation table'. You can search for the Payment by purchase number using the quick search feature at the top of the screen.

If you still can't find the payment, it is likely that your user permissions are not set correctly and you may not have access to the bank account where the payment was made from. You can find out more about who has access to payments by reading this help guide article.

To help you better understand the Payments module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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