Some of my payments aren't combining in the payment screen. How can I resolve this?

ExpensePlus will combine payment requests where purchases have been submitted for the same payee and approved in time for a combined payment to be made.

In the screenshot below you will see that payment P903 combines 5 purchases. 

Why some payments don't combine

There are some circumstances where payments will not combine:

  • Invoice purchases - these do not combine so that the specific invoice reference is maintained for each payment. This will give your supplier the best chance of reconciling your payment against the correct outstanding invoice.
  • Duplicate payees - In the screenshot above, the payee has been added in duplicate (Tim Jacobs and Timothy Jacobs). ExpensePlus will not combine the payments as the system is treating these payees as two different people. You can merge duplicate payees in the Manage Payees settings screen. Details of how to do this are provided in this help guide article.

To help you better understand the Payments module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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