Recording Donor Communication

Within ExpensePlus you can record donor communications, view communication history, and manage donor follow-up.

Recording Donor Communications

Within the manage donor screen in ExpensePlus, click the 'communications' tab to view donor communication with each donor.

To view more detailed information, click on the donor to see further details

  • New Donor Followup - the new donor follow-up report (within donation reports), enables you to do a great job following up with new donors and keeping track of the donors you still need to follow up. Once you've followed up with a donor, check the 'complete' checkbox to change the new donor follow-up status from 'pending' to 'complete'.
  • Communication History - this enables you to keep track of the communication history of each donor, which you may find helpful when communicating with them in the future
  • Next Follow-Up Action - this enables you to schedule a future follow-up action for a donor. You can then use the 'donors to followup' report (within donations reports) to help you manage donor follow-up along with viewing key donation details that you might wish to know when contacting them.
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