Why has my receipt been rejected?

Once you have submitted a purchase and photographed/uploaded/emailed your receipt, the digital receipt you have provided will then be checked by someone within your organisation who has been assigned this task. Typically, receipt checking will be done weekly.

If the receipt you have submitted is either incorrect, unreadable, or doesn't provide the necessary details then it's likely to be rejected. Where this happens, you will receive an automated email like the example below.

Follow the instructions in the email to upload another receipt or to mark the receipt as lost if you are unable to provide a different receipt.

Note: Purchases with receipts marked as lost may be rejected if they are deemed to not meet the criteria set out in your organisation's purchasing policy. As the purchaser, it is your obligation to provide a valid receipt or invoice.

The receipt you provided will be attached to this rejection email, so if it needs to be queried or it was rejected by mistake, you can simply download it from the email and re-upload and submit it again.

Note: If you have emailed your receipt and received an automated rejection email that doesn't look the same as the one above but instead has the subject line that contains the word 'Rejected', click here to view the support article specifically about emailed receipts.

To help you better understand the Receipts module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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