What if I reject a receipt by mistake?

As part of the expenses and payments workflow in ExpensePlus, receipts are checked to ensure that they are readable, accurate, and legitimate.

Usually, this is done by a specified member of the finance team once or twice a week. This helpful process ensures your financial records are accurate, and it allows someone to 'sense-check' purchases that have been submitted.

Should the receipt checker need to reject a receipt, this can be done simply by clicking the 'reject' button and selecting the reason(s) the receipt has been rejected. ExpensePlus then immediately emails the submitter of that purchase to let them know what the issue is and requests that they either resubmit the receipt again (by uploading, emailing or photographing as they did when they entered the purchase), OR mark the receipt as lost.

What happens if the receipt checker accidentally rejects a valid receipt by mistake or in error?

When you reject a receipt from ExpensePlus, an email is sent to the person who submitted the receipt, and the original receipt is attached to the rejection email so that it is not lost.

The receipt is removed from the ExpensePlus database at this point, so there is no way for you to 'cancel' the rejection and revert to using the receipt yourself.

Therefore, to correct this error, please email the user concerned, apologise for the mistake, and ask them to download and re-upload the rejected receipt from the email. 

Note: some email providers display attachments at the top of emails rather than the bottom

To help you better understand the Receipts module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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