How to donate using LoveGiving

This help guide article covers how the simple steps a donor completes in order to give to your church or charity via LoveGiving

Sharing your LoveGiving Link

As part of the simple 3 step process for setting up LoveGiving, as well as choosing your own custom LoveGiving URL, you have hopefully shared your giving page link by adding a 'Give Now' button to your website and within email communications that you send.

To find out more about setting up and customising LoveGiving, see this separate help guide article.

Note: you can also share fund-specific giving links too

Entering Donation Details

First, the donor enters a donation amount. The donor then selects the frequency as either 'one off' or 'recurring' (recurring donations can be set to either monthly or yearly).

Note: the minimum donation amount is £1

If you have multiple funds set up as being eligible for online donations, then an additional 'fund' dropdown will appear in this first box, enabling donors to choose which fund to donate to.

IMPORTANT: If a donor clicks on your giving page from a fund-specific link, they will not see the fund dropdown, and instead, the fund name will display at the top of the page.

Note: donors will see the online giving fund display name in the fund dropdown (rather than the regular fund name used within ExpensePlus).

If the donor is able to Gift Aid their donation, and selects the Gift Aid checkbox then additional information about Gift Aid appears along with an address detail fields.

Once the donor has completed their name, address (Gift Aid donors only) and email address, all they then need to do is to enter their card details.

Once done, the donor selects 'confirm gift' and if the donation is successful, they will be taken to a donation success screen where the custom thank you message which was added during the setup process will be displayed.

Note: a 'donate again' button makes it easy for donors to give another donation should they wish to (e.g. to a different fund / appeal you have running).

Where a donor has chosen to give a recurring donation, this will automatically be collected from the donor's card each month / year based on the frequency the donor selected. To find out more about recurring donations via LoveGiving, go to this separate help guide article.

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