Claiming Gift Aid on donations given via LoveGiving

Within the Donations via LoveGiving report within the LoveGiving module, you can view which donations given via LoveGiving are eligible for Gift Aid.

LoveGiving automatically captures Gift Aid declaration information for donors who tick to indicate that they are able to Gift Aid.

Reconciling donations given via LoveGiving

Before Gift Aid can be claimed on donations, you will need to first upload and reconcile the Stripe payout that contains the donation income.

Note: donations given via LoveGiving will not appear in the Gift Aid screen until Stripe transactions have been uploaded, and donations have been reconciled.

ExpensePlus knows the Stripe transaction ID of the LoveGiving Donation, so once the donation has been reconciled, it automatically knows whether or not the donation is eligible for Gift Aid.

Claiming Gift Aid on donations given via LoveGiving

Once reconciled donations that have been given via LoveGiving and are eligible for Gift Aid will automatically appear on the Gift Aid screen, from where they can be submitted to HMRC at the click of a button (or left, and then claimed at a later date).

Note: LoveGiving donations are grouped into separate claim. The process for claiming is exactly the same as for other donations, and takes less than a minute to submit a claim directly to HMRC from within ExpensePlus.

IMPORTANT: If you are using the ChurchSuite Export, as with other payment processors that handle Gift Aid, donations via LoveGiving will be marked with the 'override' set, so that ChurchSuite does not claim on these donations again. This does however mean you DO need to claim on donations via LoveGiving within ExpensePlus if you are using ChurchSuite export (even though you may well claim on all other donations within ChurchSuite (this isn't an issue, because HMRC has no limits in regards to claims via different systems).

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