How to unmatch incorrectly matched transactions

Usually, if a transaction has been matched incorrectly, there will be no need to unmatch it, since you can simply click into the transaction from the Bank Reconciliation screen and update the details. For example, this would allow you to update the description of the transaction or the fund/category it's recorded against.

However, if the transaction type has been incorrectly selected, you will need to unmatch the transaction - for example:

  • An income has been recorded as 'other income' rather than an 'invoice payment'
  • An expenditure has been recorded as an 'invoice to pay' rather than as an 'expense claim'

How to unmatch transactions

  • Find the transaction in the View Statement Screen (Bank Reconciliation -> View Statement)
  • Ensure the correct Bank Account has been selected, and select the correct month
  • Click on the unmatch Button to the right of the transaction that you wish to unmatch (highlighted below)
  • Click the Match Transactions button at the top of the screen to go and re-match the transaction.

Why can't I unmatch my transaction?

Sometimes, you'll find the unmatch button greyed out. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. The financial year is locked, so transactions can't be adjusted.

If you want to unlock the financial year, or understand more about this, see How do I lock a closed financial year?

  1. The transaction is linked to a named donation that has had Gift Aid claimed on it.

In this instance, you'll need to leave the transaction coded as a donation and consider if a Gift Aid adjustment is necessary if you've overclaimed Gift AId previously. See How do I make a Gift Aid adjustment?

To better understand the Bank Reconciliation module, please view the module overview video here.

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