Managing sub-brands, sub-entities or specific areas / departments

Your ExpensePlus account will be licensed to the one legal entity that constitutes your charity or church. By using ExpensePlus to account for all your entity's financial activity you will be able to prepare comprehensive accounts to fulfill your statutory responsibilities, in particular, reporting to the charity commission. It is important that all your financial transactions are covered by your accounts (and therefore your use of ExpensePlus) and our Balance Sheet, SOFA, and Fund Movement reports are designed to ensure this is the case.

Many charities and churches operate sub-brands or unofficial mini-entities within their setup. These can represent semi-autonomous departments or specific 'wings' of activity. For example, you may have a room hire component to your charity or a particular externally facing project with its own name and identity. If the finances for this sub-brand belong to your charity, you will need to account for them in ExpensePlus but you may want to use one of the areas of functionality below to segregate the reporting (to a degree) or to represent the finances in a different way.

Multiple Profiles

You can create multiple profiles for use on invoices which will utilise custom logos, colour schemes, contact details, and footer text. This will help a sub-brand retain its own identity. Invoicing and logo profiles can be created on this settings screen.

Create specific funds

You can create and operate multiple funds in ExpensePlus. By operating a fund for a particular area of activity or ministry (such as Schools work, Conferencing, Book Shop, Food Ministry, etc.) you can produce separate Income and Expenditure reports and segregate user access. You can create and manage funds here.

Managing user access

You can customise user permissions and roles to specify which funds and categories any user can access and view. By doing this in conjunction with the use of specific funds and categories you can enable users who have a restricted remit or limited area of responsibility to operate within ExpensePlus within their sub-brand or department. User permissions can be customised here.

Control access to specific bank accounts

If the specific areas of sub-brand use their own separate bank accounts, you can control access and visibility to these various accounts in the Bank Accounts settings screen.

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